Monday, August 18, 2014

Ixonos Industrial Internet Suite Goes Cloud

During the last months our R&D team has been hard at work creating a complete “data-pipe” from sensors to cloud. By combining some of our existing components (like Wireless sensor data collection with BTLE, Interactive embedded touch GUIs with HTML5 and Ixonos sensact library) and creating new ones we now have a solution in place, called Ixonos Industrial Internet Suite.

Basic architecture is illustrated in the picture below. Basically we utilize our sensact libraries running on Linux to collect the data, secure websocket connection to create local Human Machine Interface views on mobile devices and ship the data to Ixonos Elastic Cloud.

Our UI framework choice for everything is HTML5. This makes our solutions run on different platforms with minimal customisation. Of course we do some tweaking to make the HTML5 apps run smooth and stable on hardware with limited resources.

Meanwhile our fellows at Ixonos Design Studios have been working magic and creating a complete facelift for the UX of the different solutions. With these guys even industrial automation can be fun and easy to use.

Take a look the video below for visualisation of the system:

Got interested? Check out more info and contacts at:

Jukka Hornborg, Head of Offering Management, Ixonos Plc