Friday, October 25, 2013

Build Gear version 0.9.19beta released!

A new version of Build Gear has recently been released.

A lightweight embedded firmware build tool

Build Gear is the open source build tool that is used to build the Ixonos Embedded Linux BSP for various embedded boards based on a range of different chipsets including TI OMAP/AM/DM, Freescale IMX, Intel Atom/Haswell, etc.. This build tool allows us to very effectively create and maintain clean cut modern Linux BSP firmware tailored to fulfil the requirements of individual embedded customers.

This release includes a couple of new features and some bug fixes.

One of the new interesting features is the introduction of a new command to create a software manifest which provides a detailed list of the software components involved in a particular build. This is a quite useful feature in case you need an overview of the licenses of the components going into your firmware. Actually, for most this is an important feature so that the BSP firmware can be legally approved before going to production.

For more details see the release announcement here

The Build Gear tool has been in beta stage for quite some time but it has now stabilized to the point where it is ready to move out of beta. Thus, it will soon be labelled stable and a 1.0 release will mark the final transition out of beta.

Expect more posts from me on this build tool and on how and why we use it to create the Ixonos Embedded Linux BSP platform solution.

Keep it simple!

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