Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fast Piloting of Industrial Internet

The buzz and fuzz around Industrial Internet seems to accelerate almost daily. While it is clear that the possibilities and potential benefits are endless, it is quite difficult to decide how to reach those in practice. We wanted to create a solution that makes it easy to setup the “basic infrastructure” to enable piloting different applications of Industrial Internet in practice.

We have seen that often a lot of data is collected from Industrial automation systems through different sensoring and other solutions. If that data could be easily moved to cloud, analysed and presented to users in smart ways, it would be easier to experiment with ways to utilise that data to improve efficiency of operations or even as an enabler for new digital services.

With this in mind we took our Industrial Internet Suite -software solution and installed it on Industrial grade reference HW with 3G connectivity. Our sensact -communication framework combined with Ixonos Cloud and Remote Dashboard make it easy to “plug in” your existing automation environment and start visualising your data. The HW/SW combination supports connections through common field-buses (like Modbus). Check out the more detailed architecture from a previous post.

After having the solution in place, we put it in a nice package. See the video below about what it looks like in practice.

We now have a set of these packages that we are offering to our customers for pilot use. This way it is very easy and risk-free to try out what you can get out of already existing data and automation by adding modern “Industrial Internet” -technologies.

Contact us for more info or a trial. There's also a white paper available concerning the topic on a bit wider scope.

Jukka Hornborg, Head of Offering Management, Ixonos Plc


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